Monthly Wrap up – January 2016

This month I read:

I also reviewed The Prophecy of Shadows. I read this book in December but decided to post the review closer to the release date which was Jan 26th.

I started reading The Forbidden Wish kind of late in the month. I also started listening to the Vicious audiobook. I’ll write reviews as I finish each book and post the reviews in mid to late February.

Challenges wise :

  • Tamora Pierce – nada; I did go to the library and get some of her books (the Song of the Lioness series if you’re curious) but I just didn’t get around to reading them. Hopefully I can read all four books next month.
  • Goodreads – I read 4.5 books (I started Vicious + Wolf by Wolf)
  • Backlist books – Emotions, Fangirl
  • Rock my TBR challenge – nada
  • #sixsqaured challenge – Carry On
  • LGBITA challenge – Carry On

I did keep track of the books I read on a google doc and I was able to post at least once a week. I think I had a few weeks were I was able to post twice. 🙂 As for borrowing books, I borrowed a lot of books, instead of buying them (but I did still buy some kindle books…mostly pre-orders but a few on the spot on and a few hardcopies…but only because they were signed ones).

I started a bullet journal and kinds of became more organized. I actually scheduled posts pretty much all of this month. None of them were post as wrote them. It’s nice to have scheduled post & not having to worry about posting every week (which I though I would end up doing). It also gives me more time to read books. It’s also kind made me learn to let go, a bit, because I’ve messed up a few times while making it/writing things. And usually I would completely start over but I didn’t want to tear pages out of my bullet journal or buy a new one so I learned to let go of the mistakes. If you’d like to see my bullet journal, its pages & what’s in it, I can make a separate about it. Just let me know in the comments below.

Personally, I started working out and I feel a lot better. More happier and lighter which is nice. I also ‘discovered’  Penn Malasa, an Bollywood/America music acapella group and they are amazing(my sister introduced me to them)! So I’ve been listening to them a lot lately.

So that’s it for this month. Hopefully I can read more books next month. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap up – January 2016

  1. Wow, big month for Rainbow Rowell! The only one I’ve read from her so far is Fangirl but I do own Eleanor and Park. I read Prophecy of Shadows this month but I didn’t like it that much. Glad you like it more than me though! Yay for scheduling posts and working out! I wish I had that motivation haha.

    Jess @Princessica of Books


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