Underappreciated Authors #1

This is a meme created by Claire @ Blankslaters. This meme was created to give a spotlight to authors we thought needed a little bit more love.

Today’s author: Laura Lam


Photo from her official website

I discovered Pantomime, Laura’s first book, a few year ago through tumblr. The post raved about this book. I don’t quite remember what it said specifically about this book but I was quite intrigued by the book. So I went and read it. It was awesome so I went and read the second book and wanted the third book. Unfortunately for me, that book was still (and still is) in the works of being written. Later I found out that she had written a side series to Pantomime & Shadowplay, The Vestigial Tales, which I devoured of course. I absolutely love her writing and I cannot wait for next book to come out.

This June she has a new book coming out, False Hearts. I made a post about it, a Waiting on Wednesday one.



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