Monthly Wrap up – November 2015

It’s the end of November and I thought why not start a monthly wrap up. So here I am.

I feel like this month I really got into the book world, well social media/blooging wise. I think this might have to do with the fact that I started a bookstagram this month. IDK. Maybe I’m just starting to take this book blogging serious now. I started this book as a casual thing, a way to improve my writing skills. But I’m starting to enjoy book reviewing and the world that comes with it.

Book/comics wise, this month I read

And I’m currently reading The Infinite, which hopefully I can finish before Tuesday.

In tv shows, I’ve been mostly watch (binging) Criminal Minds and keeping up with my old tv shows. But  yesterday I started Jane the Virgin and I love it. It reminds me of Pushing Daises. I guess I’m also really enjoying it because it’s a comedy and I’ve been watch lots of serious shows lately.  I’d actually taken a break from Criminal Minds the last few day, but my replacement binge show, Grey’s Anatomy. Which, may I mention that I’ve already seen before, and up to date with.

I got a job this year (in September), which is my first one, which means I have my own money So I’ve been buying my own books lately. And Black Friday sales came around. So I bought a bunch of things (mostly books), which is good for me but bad for my bank account. So no more spending more me this year (except for my pre-orders of Patomine and Shadowplay. which I pre-ordered in October(?)). From Amazon, I bought The Martian, The ABLES, The Book Thief and I am the Messenger. I’ve already read The Martian and The Book Thief but I really love both books so I wanted physical copies. From the Book outlet I ordered The Luxe, Towering, The Lost Code, Nobody’s Princess, Ender’s Game, The Eyes of Kid Midas, and Beneath My Mother’s Feet. 

On Twitter the other day, I came across an article about a woman who only read books by anyone who wasn’t white cis & a man. I read it and it inspired me. I decided that next year I will only read books by women (it would have been poc women but then I wouldn’t have a big selection (at least that I know of) and wouldn’t be able to read some books I’ve been waiting so eagerly to read (A Gathering of Shadows & False Hearts)).

I’ve just about reached my Goodreads challenge book goal this year, 100 books. I’m reading the 100th one now. This is a big change from last year when I sat down the last day of year and read like 20 comic books. I tried to avoid having the comic books as part of my goal this year but that didn’t really happen. Maybe since I’ll have lots of free time soon, I can read lots of books to ‘make-up’ for the comics on my book goal. (I just went and counted how books that would have to be, 30+ so proabley not going to happen). But maybe next year. I’m currently debating about if I should up my book goal next year. I’d like to but idk if I’ll read that many. I mean the only reason I’m ahead is because of the comics (somewhere in September (or maybe earlier) I read a lot of the Kamala Khan comics)). At the same time I’d like to push myself to read more and watch less tv. I enjoy tv but I want to become that little girl who loved to read books. I still do but it takes me much longer to read books. I used to read books in hours but now I keep getting distracted by things (the internet, my phone, my laptop, tv shows).

Wow, that kinda got ramblely (and a lot about me rather than the books I read), which I apologize for.  Maybe I should start a journal or something.  Anyways, I hope all you guys have a great week.


One thought on “Monthly Wrap up – November 2015

  1. I love the idea of reading books only by women! There are so many great ones but they’re often overlooked because it’s typically white males who dominate the list.

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