The Martian

Title: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 4/5 stars

This book is about things after a mission to Mars that goes wrong. The crew makes it to Mars but the weather on Mars makes them have to leave to head back home. But in the process of getting back to their ship, a crew member, Mark Watney,  gets hurt and they think he’s dead. So they leave him on Mars. By some luck though, Mark is alive and the book the rest of the book is about how he survives and NASA trying to rescue him.

The book had lots of science/math stuff that when on, which is kinda expected as it is a sci-fi. I sort of understood it but it kinda mostly flew over my head. I skimmed those parts. I understood what was happening but not so much the specifics of the science. Despite the parts I didn’t really understand I really enjoyed the book. There were some Star Trek reference in the book which made me excited! It’s always really cool to see a book/tv show/movie you are reading/watching make a reference to another book/tv show/movie that you love. There were a funny moments that were a nice break from the seriousness of the book. Most of the funny moments were because of Mark.

Mark is quite the funny charter. It amazes me how despite going through a bunch of crap he was very  optimistic and still push to survive. I personally would probably have curled up and cried. Mark is also incredible smart and it shows so much through the book. He does some crazy things and you’d think they wouldn’t work but they do.

There wasn’t much diversity in the book. There was only one person of color, an Indian (which made me really happy!).  The Indian guy did have a big role but at the same time it wasn’t. There was also a German dude but he didn’t really count for me because 1 – he wasn’t that big of a role in the book and –  he’s white. I didn’t really seem to see any other poc.

The book’s ending left me wanting more though (in a bad sort of way). It was very anti climatic. I figured that the ending would go that way but I hope that there would be a flash forward or something like that. It was a very simple ending.

On a sort of side note, I really like the original artwork for the book over the new cover made for the movie. While on the topic of the movie, I really want to see the movie. I wonder how it will hold up the book. Will it stick to the book really closely or stray far away? Will it give a better ending? One that doesn’t leave you wanting more? Some book to movie adaptations suck (*cough* Eragon *cough*) and some are pretty good (*cough* Harry Potter *cough*). And some kinda make things more clear (*cough* The Perks of Being a Wallflower*).

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